About us


Our history...

Our story is about a united family that shares a passion for food, cooking and tradition. When Giuseppina was a child, she has always loved to learn from the women of the family the art of cooking, bringing with her a whim of experiences that she loves to share with people and with her culinary creations. He started this path in the 90s as a Catering and turned it in the 2000s into something bigger and more international by opening a Cooking School.

Over the years Simone , Antonella, Luca and Luigi have decided to embrace this special mission by sharing their tastes, passions and skills.


We want to make it clear to those who have given us the confidence to listen to us that the quality of life is linked to the quality of food, seasonal vegetables, traditional recipes, play a crucial role in our mission.

It is a pride for us to see people’s lives change for the better after passing on our culinary tradition.