Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 08/01/2020

This policy hasbeenupdated to make it more concise and understandable, ensuring compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Thank you for joining the marketplace to purchase products or services. CucinaGiuseppina respects your privateness and wants to help you under stand how we collect, use and share your data. This privacy policy covers our data collection practices and describes your rights to limit the use of your personal data.

Unless you link to another policy or unless otherwise, this Privacy policy applies when you visit or use the Website, Mobile Apps, APIs, or Related Services of CucinaGiuseppina.

Using the services, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. Do not use services if you do not want to accept the Privacy Policy or other agreements that govern the use of services.


  • What data do we collect
  • How we collect data
  • What we use data for?
  • Who we share data with
  • Security
  • Your rights
  • Court rules
  • Updates and contact information
  • Cookie policy

What data do wecollect

We collect directly from you some data, suchas the information you enter, the data related to the courses, the data from third-party platforms to which you connect with Cucina Giuseppina. We also automatically collect some data suchas information aboutyour device and the parts of our services that you use or interact with.

Data provided directly by you:

We can collect various data from you or about you, depending on how you use the Services. Here are some examples to help you understand what data we collect.

When you buy goods or services on Cucina Giuseppina, even through a third-party platform, we collect the data you provide directly, including:

User data:

In order to use certain features (such as enscribing to a course and purchasing an item) you must enter data such as your email address, phone number, gender, food preferences and others.

Shared content:

Some parts of the services allow you to interact with other users or share content publicly, such as posting reviews of an experience. This shared content may be publicly visible depending on where it was posted

Promotions and surveys:

Cucina Giuseppina may invite you to survey or participate in a promotion (suchas a contest, lottery, or challenge) via the Services or via a third-party platform. In case of your participation, we will collect and store the data provided by you for the purposes of this participation, such as your name, email address, date of birth or phone number. The data is subject to this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise specified in the official promotion regulation or in another privacy policy. The collected data will be used to manage the promotion or survey, as well as to contact the winners and award the prizes. In order to receive the prize, you may be asked to post some information (for example, on the winner’s page). If we use third-party platforms to manage the survey or promotion, the privacy policy of the third parties in question applies.

Communication and support:

When you contact us to receive support or to report a problem or doubt, we can collect and store your contact information, messages and other data about you, such as your name, email address, location, operating system, IP address and any other data you provide or that we can collect through automated tools (processed below). The data collected in this way is used to answer you and to examine your question or doubt under this Privacy Policy.

The above data is stored by us and associated with your profile.

All the data collected is used to improve your experience on the site, in the usability of the services offered and in the experience of buying goods related to e-commerce.

Data we collect using automated tools

When you access the Services (even just to see offers), we collect some data through automated tools that include:

System data:

Technical data on your computer or device, such as IP address, device type, operating system type and version, unique device ID, browser, browser language, domain, and other system data and platform type.

Usage data:

Usage statistics about your interactions with the Services, including selected courses, time spent on Service pages, pages visited, features used, searches performed, clicks, date and time, and other data on the use of the Services.

Geographical approximation data:

Approximate geographic location, which includes information such as country, city, and geographic coordinates, calculated based on your IP address.

The above data iscollected from server logs and tracking technologies, asdetailed in the following section” “Cookies and Data Collection Tools”. This data isstored by us and associated with your account.

How we collect data:

We use tools such as cookies and analytics services to collect this data. Some of these allow you to turn off data collection.

Cookies and data collection tools

As written in detail in our cookie policy, Cucina Giuseppina and service providers acting on its be half (such as Google Analytics) use server logs and tools for automatic data collection such as cookies, tags, scripts, custom links when accessing or using the services offered.

These Data Collection Tools automatically track and collect some System Data and Usage Data (described in detail in section 1) when using the services offered by CucinaGiuseppina. All the data collected is not used by Cucina Giuseppina for advertising purposes, but to improve the user experiencewhile browsing the website, whilecustomizing a service offered, whilebuying an item within the same website.

We use cookies (small files that websites send to your device to uniquely identify your browser or device or to enter data into your browser) for various purposes, such as analyzing your use of the Services, customizing your experience, facilitating your access to services, or recognizing you when you sign in again.

Cucina Giuseppina uses the following cookies:

Preferences: Cookies that remember settings on your browser and your favorite settings that determine the appearance and behavior of services (such as your preferred language).

Security: Cookies that allow you to protect your account from unauthorized access and detect and prevent abuse or unauthorized use of your account.

Functional: Cookies that store functional settings (for example, the default volume level for playing a video).

Session status: Cookies that track your interactions with the Services to help us improve them and your browsing experience, remember your login details and allow course purchases to be processed. These cookies are strictly necessary for the Services to function properly, so if they are disabled, some features may no longer work or may not be available.

You can set your browser to be alerted if you try to insert cookies on your computer, limit the type of cookies allowed or reject them altogether. In that case, however, you may not be able to use some or all of the Services features, and your experience may or may not be functional.


In its Services Cucina Giuseppina uses third-party analytics services for browsers and mobile devices, such as Google Analytics and bookeo. These services use data collection tools thatallowus to analyze your use of the Services by providing information about, for example, the website, the frequency of yourvisits, events that occur in the Services, usage and performance data. We use this data to improve the Services, better under stand how the Services works on various devices, and provide information thatyoumight be interested in.

Online advertising:

We use third-party advertising services such as instagram, Facebook, Google, and other ad networks and servers for our Services advertising on other websites or other applications you use. Advertisements can be based on things we know about you, like your Usage Data and System Data (as detailed in Section 1) and things these ad service providers know about you based on their tracking data. Advertisements can be based on your recent activity or over-time activity on other sites and services, and can be tailored to your interests.

For what we use the data:

We use your data for various purposes, such as providing our Services, communicating with you, solving problems, preventing fraud and abuse, improving or updating the Services, analyzing the use of our Services by users, as required by law or necessary to protect security and integrity.

We use the data we collect through your use of the Services to:

offer and manage Services, for example to display personalized content and facilitate communication with other users;

process your requests and orders related to courses, products, specific services, information or functions;

communicate with you about your account:

answering your questions and doubts;

sending you administrative messages and information, notifications of service changes, and updates to our agreements;

sending you information and messages, new services, new features, promotions, newsletters and other courses available (which you can turn off at any time);

manage your account preferences;

facilitating the technical operation of the Services, including troubleshooting, securing services and preventing fraud and abuse;

request user feedback;

distribute and administer surveys and promotions managed or sponsored by Cucina Giuseppina;

Learn more about yourself by linking your data to other information via third-party data providers or by analyzing data with the help of analytics providers;

uniquely identify users on various devices; 

improve Services and develop new products, services and functions;

Analyze trends and traffic, track purchases and track usage data;

advertise Services on third-party websites and applications;

in accordance with what is required or permitted by law; Or

as deemed necessary by CucinaGiuseppina, a tits sole discretion, to ensure the safety or integrity of its users, third parties, the public or its Services.

Who we share your data with:

Cucina Giuseppina shares some data about you with companies that operate on your be half, business partners, analytics and data enrichment providers, your social media providers, companies that help youcarry out promotions and surveys, and companies that help you promote its Services. Cucina Giuseppina can also share data about you for security, law-abiding, or corporate restructuring purposes. Finally, it can share data in other ways if it is aggregated or anonymized or if it gets your consent.

Cucina Giuseppina can share your data with third parties in the following circumstances or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy:

With service providers, collaborators, and agents: We share your data with third-party companies that perform services on our behalf, such as payment processing, data analysis, marketing, email and hosting services, customer support, and support. These service providers can access your personal data and have an obligation to use it only according to our guidelines, to provide the service we require.

With business partners: We have agreements in place with other websites and platforms to distribuite our Services and direct traffic to Cucina Giuseppina. Depending on your location, we may share your data with these partners.

With analytics and data enrichment services: As part of our use of third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Bookeo we share some contact information, Account Information, System Data, Usage Data (as described in detail in Section 1) or anonymized data, as appropriate. This allows providers to provide analytics services or compare your data with information publicly available in databases (including contact information and social information from other sources). All this allows us to communicate with you more effectively and personalizedly.

To improve social media features: The Social Media Features of the Services (such as the Facebook Like button) can allow the third social media provider to collect items such as your IP address and the Services page you are visiting and set a cookie to enable the feature. Your interactions with these functions are governed by the third-party company’s privacy policy. 

For security and law-a biding reasons: CucinaGiuseppina reserves the right to disclose your data to third parties if (atits sole discretion) itconsiders in good faiththatdisclosureis:

allowed or required by law;

request as part of an investigation, order or judicial, governmental or legal proceedings;

reasonably necessary as a result of a valid subpoena, warrant or other legally valid warrant;

reasonably necessary for the application of our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy and other legal agreements;

required to identify, prevent or resolve cases of fraud, abuse, misuse, potential violation of the law (or rules/regulations) and/or technical or safety issues; Or

reasonably necessary, atitsowndiscretion, to ensureprotection from imminentdamage to the rights, property or security of CucinaGiuseppina, its users, members of the public and/or the Services.

CucinaGiuseppina mayalsodisclose data aboutyou to its auditors or legal advisors to assessitsrights and/or disclosureobligations under this Privacy Policy.

During a change in control structure: In the event of changes in the company structure of CucinaGiuseppina, such as mergers, acquisitions, disposals or dissolution (includingbankruptcy) or sale of all or part of its assets, CucinaGiuseppina may share, disclose or transfer allyour data to the organization that succeed sit during or in anticipation of that transition (even in the phase of due diligence checks).

After aggregation/anonymization: CucinaGiuseppina reserves the right to disclose or use aggregated or anonymized data for anypurpose.

With yourpermission: With yourconsent, CucinaGiuseppina may share the data with third parties for purposesbeyond the application of this Privacy Policy.


CucinaGiuseppina takes security measures appropriate to the type and sensitivity of the data thatisstored. As with any Internet-enabled system, thereisalways the risk of unauthorized access, so it’simportant to protectyour data and alertus to anysuspicions of unauthorized access to your data in a timelymanner.

CucinaGiuseppina takes appropriate security measures to ensureprotectionagainstunauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction of personal data thatitcollects and stores. Thesemeasuresvarydepending on the type and sensitivity of such data. Unfortunately, however, no system istotally secure: itisthereforenotpossible to guaranteethatcommunicationsbetweenyou and CucinaGiuseppina, the Services or anyother information provided to us in relation to the data wecollectthrough the Services may be immune from unauthorized access by third parties. Itisyourresponsibility to adequatelyprotectyour personal data. Do not share them with third parties and, ifyoubelievethattheyhavebeencompromised for anyreasoncontactusimmediately.

Your rights

You are given certain rights to your data, including the ability to deny the use of certain cookies and the collection of data by some data analytics service providers. You can contact us for requests about your rights regarding your personal data. Parents who believe that Cookipepine has inadvertently collected personal data about their underage children should contact us to help us delete that information.

Options for you regarding the use of your data

You may choose not to provide us with certain data, but in that case you may not be able to use certain Features of the Services.

The browser or device you use can allowyou to control cookies and offerothertypes of local data storage. Your wireless device mayalsoallowyou to control whether location or other data iscollected and shared. You can manageAdobe LSO on the Adobe Website Storage Settings page. .

To get information and control the cookies used for custom advertisements by participating companies, see the deactivation pages of Network Advertising Initiative And Digital Advertising Alliance or, ifyou live in the European Union, visit the Your Online Choices. To turn off Google Display advertising or customize Google Display Network ads, visit the Setting up Google ads. To turn off Taboola’s custom ads, select the Opt-Out link on the Cookie Policy di Taboola.

Per impedire a Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mixpanel, ZoomInfo o Clearbit di usare i tuoi dati a scopo di analisi o arricchimento, vedi: Componente aggiuntivo del browser per la disattivazione di Google Analytics, la pagina Opt-out di Hotjar, la pagina Opt Out di Mixpanel, la pagina Zoom Information Inc. Privacy Policy e a procedura di ritiro dei propri dati di Clearbit.

If you have questions about your data, our use of your information or your rights, please contact us.

Accessing, updating and deleting your personal data

To access your personal data thatCucinaGiuseppinacollects and stores youneed to contact via email CucinaGiuseppina who willprovideyou with all the information youwantaboutyour data. It can take up to 30 days to receive a response. For yourprotection, wemayrequirethat the request be sentthrough the email addressassociated with your account and wemayneed to verifyyouridentitybeforeimplementingyourrequest. Keep in mind thatweretain some data in caseswherethereis a legalbasis for this, suchasmandatorydocumentretention and transactioncompletion.

Note: Some or all of your data may continue to be visible to others, including, for example, data thathasbeencopied, archived, or disseminated by other users (e.g. in public comments); (b) shared or disseminated by you or others (for example, in yoursharedcontent); or (c) published on a third-party platform. Even after your account hasbeenclosed, CucinaGiuseppinawillretainyour data as long asitisdeemednecessary for anylegitimatepurpose (and in accordance with applicablelaw), suchasfulfillinglegalobligations, resolvingdisputes, and complying with the terms of our agreements. CucinaGiuseppina may store and disclosethis data under this Privacy Policy after your account hasbeenclosed.

Child protection

We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of children and encourage parents and guardians to play an active role in controlling their children’s online activities and interests. Children under the age of 13 (or 16 years in the European Economic Area) are not allowed to use the Services. If we learn that we have collected personal data from persons under the age of 18, we will take all reasonable steps to delete it.

If a parenthasreason to believethatCucinaGiuseppina hascollected personal data from a childyoungerthan the indicatedage, they can send an email request so that the information isremoved.

Rules on jurisdiction

Users in California are granted certain rights, including accessing their personal data, deleting it, and knowing who they are shared with. Users residing in Australia have the right to make a formal complaint with the appropriate government agency.

California users

Users who reside in California and meet the application requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) are granted certain rights, including the following:

“Right to be informed” – You have the right to request more information about the specific categories and types of personal data we collect and to access a copy of your personal data.

“Right to Delete” – You have the right to request the deletion of the personal data we have collected about you.

“Rightnot to be discriminatedagainst” – Ifyou decide to exerciseyourrights under the CCPA, CucinaGiuseppina willtreatyou like allother users. In other words, youwillnot be penalized for choosing to exercise the rightsthathavebeengranted to you by the CCPA.

To exercise any rights under the CCPA, you can send an email. As part of the rights granted to you by the CCPA, you can also authorize an agent to submit such requests on your behalf. For your protection, we may request that the request be sent using the email address associated with your account and may need to verify your identity and/or that of your agent before executing the request.

In addition, for more information about the personal data we collect and how we collect it, please see the “What data we collect” and “How do we collect data” sections above.

For information about the business and business purposes for which we collect your personal data and to learn about the categories of service providers that have access to your personal data, see the previous sections “For what purpose we use data” and “Who do we share data with”.

Butaboveall, in accordance with the provisions of the CCPA, CucinaGiuseppina doesnot sell your personal data or those of ourother users.

Users in Nevada

As a general rule, CucinaGiuseppina doesnot sell the information or personal data of its users. However, ifyou live in Nevada and want to requestthatyour personal data not be sold, you can object to the sale of the personal data collected by sending an email

Users in Australia

Ifyou live in Australia and want to file a complaint, you can report it to the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office (“OAIC”). You can contact the OAIC by visiting the, forwarding an e-mail to the , Call 1300 363 992 or write to GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.

Users who do not reside in the United States

CucinaGiuseppinaisbased in Italy, Tuscany and, to provideyou with its services, itneeds to transfer your data to Italy, Tuscany, wherethey are processed. Consulting or usingour Services, provideyourconsent to the storage of your data on servers located in Italy, Tuscany. Ifyouhave to use the Services in a country otherthanItaly, Tuscany, youagree to the transfer, storage and processing of your data in Italy, Tuscany. In particular, personal data collected in the UK (“UK”), Switzerland and the EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA) istransferred and storedoutsidetheseareas. In addition, ifyou live in the UK, an EEA country or Switzerland, youalsohave the right to complain to the relevant data protection authority.

The collected data isprocessed by our service providers for variouspurposes, suchas processing transactions, facilitating payments, and providing support services asdescribed in Section 4. Wehavesigned data processing agreements with our service providers thatlimit and regulate the processing of your data on ourbehalf. By providingus with your data or usingour Services, youagree to the transfer, storage and processing of your data by CucinaGiuseppina

8. Updates and contact information

In case we make a substantial change to this policy, we will notify users by email, with a notice in our products or through another mechanism required by law. The changes will take effect from the day they are published. If you have any questions, concerns or questions, you can contact us by email or regular mail.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may periodically update this Privacy Policy. If we make a substantial change to this Policy, we will notify you by email, with a notification published on the Services or with the mechanism provided by applicable law. We’ll also include a summary of major changes. Unless otherwise noted, the changes will take effect from the day of their publication.

To the extent permitted by law, if you continue to use the Services after a change takes effect, your access and/or use of the Services will be considered as an implicit acceptance of the amended Privacy Policy and its obligations. The modified version replaces all previous versions of the Privacy Policy.


Versions of this Privacy Policy that are available in a languageotherthan italian are provided only for convenience.


If you have any questions, concerns, or questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact our Privacy Team via email.